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Our World Today.

Agriculture is life. It’s how we eat, sustain, and grow. In fact, agriculture is the single most important industry when you look at our growth and success as a species.

Those in the agriculture industry are utilizing hundreds of years of human data and information, passed down from generation to generation, making intuitive calls based on the weather, seasons, and years of tried and true methods. These people are truly amazing. Our global heroes. But, if they are going to feed the world with rising populations and dwindling resources, they are going to need some help.

Enter AgWireless.

This is where AgWireless comes in. We are adding a 6th sense to our already intuitive farmers and growers. An extra superpower, if you will. Using our public LoRaWan network coupled with the revolutionary ability to support immense bandwidth applications, we are providing a wide-reaching set of “eyes and ears” out in the field so that our producers can maximize their inputs, make data-driven decisions and increase their yield. Enabling those that produce the world’s healthiest food supply to maintain their high standards of safety and sustainability, while simultaneously increasing profits. We aren’t just planning on how to feed the next generation. We are planning on how to feed the next 10.

The Connected Farm

We are actively deploying a cutting- edge network across the heartlands of America, putting the power back in the hands of producers and allowing for rapid realization of the benefits of connectivity and large-scale data analysis. Until now, our heartland heroes could only dream of utilizing the most innovative technological advances because the connectivity wasn’t there to support them. Now, AgWireless is bringing the connection where it matters most, to the farm.

Enabling real-time, data-informed decision making, traceability, and transparency in the production process. This, in turn,  allows for greater consumer confidence, protection of producers, and a deeper societal understanding of global sustainability efforts.

Feeding (and educating) the world. Maximizing inputs. Increasing profitability. That is our goal, and why we work tirelessly to grow our technology and the communities that it serves.

The Future.

We are in the middle of the Agricultural Revolution. Much like the Technological Revolution 20 years ago, our industry is being transformed by new innovations. Today, AgWireless is leading the charge with our open, standard-compliant network, bringing connectivity where it has never been before, arming our farmers and growers with tools that they have never had, and enabling production at a rate and resource that was not possible even a year ago.

Yes, this technology is life-changing! And, we will not rest until we have secured a prosperous and sustainable future for our producers and consumers, for many years to come.

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Spread the loveAgriculture is life. It’s how we eat, sustain, and grow. In fact, agriculture is the single most important industry when you look at our growth...

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